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We're inspiring hope, ending abuse, and helping children heal. Learn about Children's Advocacy Centers and join our movement in the Keystone State.

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That’s what we want child victims and their families to know when they visit a Children’s Advocacy Center because of suspected abuse. Whether you are a parent or caregiver supporting a child who has experienced abuse, an adult survivor looking for resources, or a community member wanting to help create safer places for kids—we’re glad you’ve found us.

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Trauma doesn't have to last a lifetime.

We believe that the best possible response to child abuse is a CAC response. Each year in Pennsylvania, 41 CACs provide the support and services that make healing possible for more than 15,000 child victims and their families.

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Here’s what CACs do to provide the best possible response to child abuse in Pennsylvania:

Reducing Trauma

Reducing Trauma

CACs bring together all the professionals involved in responding to child abuse. A collaborative team approach means a child victim is not interviewed multiple times. This reduces additional trauma to the child and makes the investigation more efficient and effective.

Giving Victims a Voice

Giving Victims A Voice

At a CAC, children who have experienced abuse can talk about what happened during a forensic interview with a specially trained professional. For many child victims, disclosing abuse in a safe and supportive environment is an empowering experience--and can be an important part of their healing journey.

Helping Parents & Caregivers

Helping Parents & Caregivers

Victim Advocates walk alongside parents and caregivers who are supporting children through the process of an investigation. We know it's difficult, and we want you to know you're not alone.

Ensuring Health & Healing

Ensuring Health & Healing

CACs make sure that every child victim has the opportunity for a medical evaluation to ensure health and safety. CACs also refer children and their families to trauma therapy for long-term healing.

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