• Release Date: 01.31.2019

    Members Only Section is launched on penncac.org, our PA Chapter website– Chapter members now have access to a range of information on the Chapter website including tabs for Board documents, Grants, Chapter Surveys, and more. Go to penncac.org and click on the blue “Members Only” tab in the upper right corner of the homepage (Login: PAChapter123). (access is for CAC Directors only). You may VOTE here soon. Directors may complete all Chapter surveys on the front Members Only page. In the Board tab please find Board Member policies, legal documents, Board Meeting Minutes 2018-2019, or sign our required 2019 Board Conflict of Interest Statement and Board Code of Ethics then email to Lynelle. In Grants tab please find latest released grants for your review such as Endowment Act Grant 2019.

    Ramping up for NCA 2019 Chapter Grant &Travel Stipends – On February 28th NCA will  announce the approved 2019 Chapter Grants.  Jan 28 an instructional email was sent to 11 Accredited Center members who chose 2019 PA Chapter NCA Travel Stipend funding. The email contained Travel Stipend Application & Proposed Budget form; Chapter & national training schedules, as well as other important documents.  The Chapter will hold a conference call on Friday, February 1st 11a.m. to review the required documents for this year.

    PA Chapter Election of President of the Members – Nominations closed 1/24 for the PA Chapter position of PA Chapter Board President. The Nominating Committee has reviewed Survey #1 listing member nominations and notified the nominees to confirm their interest. Survey #3, the Presidential election ballot, will go out to all voting members soon. The new president will be announced during the February 22, 2019 PA Chapter Quarterly Board Meeting Webinar.

    Website Map upgrade: Visitors looking for a CAC may now enter their zip code and print out the Google driving directions to their closest CAC.

    Thank you for making a positive difference in the lives of children.



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