• Release Date: 12.07.2018

    Welcoming you all to our inaugural PA Chapter News Flash. We will share News Flash rotating all staff, keeping members up to date on Chapter activities.

    2019 NCA Grants

    Please click “Grants” at the top of this page or click here to learn more about open grant opportunities and download the RFPs.

    New Chapter Website Members Only Webpage:

    Coming Soon:

    Phase 1 Members Only – OMS, CSEC and Board tabs will be added to the general Members Only section. Important resources, reports and updates will be housed in each tab.

    There are new enhancements coming to the Find a CAC Google map. Viewers will be able to type in their zip code and the closest CAC’s information will pop up. There will also be a link to driving directions so they can easily print it out. Disclaimer will be posted stating the website does not save addresses entered here.

    PA Chapter video asset from “ddcworks” will run through a YouTube function on the homepage.

    Phase 2 Members Only –Spring 2019  the second phase of design will provide members with a unique password so you can upload Legislative Education updates, Committee reports (if applicable), register yourself for 2019 Chapter trainings, etc. This phase is integrated with the Chapter’s new database system, so your submissions will be on file and saved for you after your upload.

    Welcoming Greg Rowe, Esquire, Interim Executive Director, PA District Attorney’s Association, we look forward to continuing collaboration  supporting Pennsylvania’s children. Thanking Rich Long for his leadership and collaboration with PA Chapter members, we wish him the very best with his new endeavors.

    Extra Chapter Members Board Meeting by Chapter webinar save the date: January 18, 9am to noon. Agenda: “Board Member Financial Roles and Responsibilities”, Sue Ascione presenter. Review and Vote  on revised Chapter ByLaws & Board Member Job Description.

    We are grateful to You, our amazing members, for your unconditional commitment to Pennsylvania’s Children. Wishing you Restful and Joyous Holidays of Gentleness and Peace

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