• 2018 PA Chapter Children’s Advocacy Center Membership Needs Assessment

    Release Date: 07.25.2018

    Thank you to everyone who completed the PA Chapter Membership Needs Assessment Survey. If you have not completed this yet, please do so using the link below.  


    Purpose of the Needs Assessment:
    This is part of the PA Chapter’s strategic planning process. We request 100% response. This needs assessment is used by the PA Chapter to assess the current needs of our membership. The information gleaned from these assessments inform the PA Chapter’s efforts and strategies around technical assistance, funding and statewide projects.

    We will only accept responses through the “online” link above.  For your convenience we attached a pdf copy of the survey to review in advance. 


    Please note:  If you would like to confirm your survey has been completed or request an email copy of the survey link, please email Lynelle cmc@penncac.org.

    Survey Analysis

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