• 2019 NCA Grants

    Release Date: 12.06.2018

    When NCA opened its 2019 RFP, the PA Chapter asked NCA to consider an extended deadline.  A copy of NCA’s response to all Chapter leaders is attached if you are interested. The 30 day deadline of January 3 remains in place.

    We appreciate your applying for NCA funding. We look forward to speaking December 10 noon to 12:30 with all Accredited CACs to decide the final NCA Chapter fund formula.  A Letter of Support request will be available requesting member signatures in support of the Chapter’s application.

    We also look forward to a call Tuesday, December 11 noon to 1:00 with those individual CACs who are interested in applying for NCA CSEC grant development or training, the Chapter is offering to support your efforts as a collaborative. Government and NCA recognize Survivor Leadership, inclusion in grant applications is compelling, putting grants ahead with a Chapter letter of support.  strengthening applications for  all who participate.

    Please use our call in number 888-572-7517 for both calls.

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