Child abuse is a real issue - across the nation and right here in Pennsylvania. It’s time to bring it out of the shadows.

One in ten children has been sexually abused before their 18th birthday. That means one in ten adults is a survivor. It could be one of your friends, or a neighbor. It could be someone you know from your faith community, or sit next to in school meetings or on the bus. It could be you.

Sexual abuse usually happens in secret. For so many, the pain and shame of childhood abuse is then carried into adulthood, hidden inside.

But things often change when the unspoken is finally spoken. When the truth comes out. When stories are shared.

That’s what SHINE is all about. It’s a campaign to transform the conversation about child abuse. To bring the truth out of hiding.

It’s a nationwide movement to help survivors know they’re not alone. We do this by coming together as communities to hear stories of trauma become stories of triumph, and to affirm our fight against child abuse.

It’s an opportunity for all of us to be a light in our schools, our homes, our places of worship. To be someone that survivors can turn to. To let them know that abuse doesn’t get the last word. 

Join CAC Teams to walk & fundraise on behalf of child victims.

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Wall of Support

Nobody is alone in this. See the list of those who have taken a stand against child sexual abuse and are committed to being a light for survivors to turn to.

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Take a Walk to Take a Stand.

Be part of our virtual and remote 1-mile walk this September. It’s easy! We’re getting out into our communities to raise funds to directly benefit local Children’s Advocacy Centers. Join a team or start a team, and share your walk page. Ask your friends and family to donate to support the work of CACs that help survivors SHINE despite the trauma of abuse.

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