About Us

We’re helping lead the fight for safe and healthy childhoods in our state.

We are Children’s Advocacy Centers of Pennsylvania—PennCAC for short—and are proud to be an accredited State Chapter with National Children’s Alliance, a network of more than 900 Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) nationwide.

Established in 2007, we represent 41 county-based CACs across Pennsylvania. Our mission is to promote and support the development, growth, and continuation of the multidisciplinary approach and Children’s Advocacy Centers for the protection of Pennsylvania’s children.

How do we do that?

We provide specialized training in child abuse response to CAC staff and their multidisciplinary team partners.

We facilitate focused peer support for CAC leaders, forensic interviewers, and victim advocates to share information and grow professionally.

We help CACs prepare for accreditation to ensure they meet national standards.

We assist developing CAC programs to improve the delivery of a collaborative model of care in areas where CAC services are limited or non-existent.

We raise public awareness about the problem of child abuse and support survivors of all ages.

We promote the CAC model and advocate for policies to strengthen a collaborative response to allegations of child abuse in our state.

We care about diversity, equity & inclusion.

At PennCAC, we believe that every child and family should have access to a child-friendly, trauma-informed, collaborative team response to child abuse and neglect—regardless of race, ethnicity, disability, religion, gender, socioeconomic status, cultural background, or language. We strive to provide the best possible response to child abuse and neglect in our state.

We acknowledge the harmful effects of racism, prejudice, and discrimination on individuals, families, and communities. We know that this harm can be perpetuated intentionally and unintentionally, by individuals and by agencies, including those that are service-driven. We denounce all forms of racism, prejudice, and discrimination and seek to reflect the following commitments in line with our national accrediting agency, National Children’s Alliance.

We commit to:

Be active champions and role models for diversity, equity, and inclusion through a strong organizational commitment, proactive leadership, and well-defined actions with an overarching goal of equitable, culturally relevant, and respectful child protection practices throughout the field.

Be an inclusive organization for practitioners and partners who provide care to children and families, while embracing a culture of humility.

Support our CACs to be sensitive to cultural context and uncompromising about child safety and well-being through our efforts related to accreditation, advocacy, training, capacity-building, and partnerships.

Incorporate DEI into PennCAC’s organizational identity and ensure it is not just what we do and say, but also who we are.

Engage diverse vantage points in our decision-making and intentionally center the voices of historically marginalized groups.

Ask the tough questions and envision bold systems-level solutions in the quest for answers.

Hold ourselves accountable to the operationalizing of our DEI efforts and report out on our progress.

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