• Putting the Needs of Child Victims of Abuse First.

    The Pennsylvania Chapter of Children’s Advocacy Centers & Multidisciplinary Teams is a membership organization dedicated to helping local Pennsylvania communities respond to allegations of child abuse in ways that are effective and efficient – and put the needs of child victims first. The Pennsylvania Chapter provides training, support, technical assistance and leadership on a statewide level to local Children’s Advocacy Centers and communities throughout Pennsylvania responding to reports of child abuse and neglect.

    We support the development of the Children’s Advocacy Center model as promoted by the accreditation standards of National Children’s Alliance, our national accrediting body and membership association.

    Our mission is to promote, assist, and support the development, growth, and continuation of the multidisciplinary approach and children’s advocacy centers for the protection of Pennsylvania’s children.

    The PA Chapter of CACs & MDTs provides its membership with the following:

    • Specialized training
    • Technical assistance
    • Mentoring programs
    • Legislative education and guidance
    • Statewide leadership on forensic interview best practices and access to peer reviews on the intervention and prevention of child abuse and neglect

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If I see, hear, suspect or in any way become aware that a child is being abused, I will not keep it silent. I will have the courage to help that child break free of silence, secrecy, and shame that should never define a child’s life.

— Philadelphia Children’s Alliance

Empowering Pennsylvania to serve child victims of abuse

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Take the Pledge, Make a difference

YOU can be One With Courage simply by pushing the discomfort and fear that surrounds the ability to talk about child abuse aside to talk openly about it, to start a dialogue about it, and to combat the secrecy that enables child abuse. Learn how YOU can be One With Courage and take action!