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A Look At The System

A series of news stories that takes a look at the entire child abuse intervention process by following a victim throughout every stage. From reporting to assessing to investigating to prosecuting to treatment – a look at what the child victim endures, the impact on the family, and the differences made by the multi-disciplinary team approach endorsed by NCA and applied by local CACs around the country.

National Child Abuse Prevention Month

National Child Abuse Prevention Month takes place annually in April. What is the outlook for victims of child abuse today? Discuss innovative therapeutic interventions being used by local CACs around the country. Educate parents as to what to look for and what to teach their children to keep them safe. Build awareness of the problem on a local, regional and national scale. Present the CAC multi-disciplinary approach as a model for the nation’s assessment centers.

What is a forensic interview and why does it work?

Discuss how the forensic interviewing process has changed over the years and highlight the benefits of forensic interviews (i.e. children only go through one interview; information gathered is more credible for prosecution purposes).

The healing process and new approaches to therapy
Discuss the multiple treatment modalities and innovative therapeutic interventions endorsed by NCA and utilized by local CACs with victims, siblings and non-offending caregivers.

Sexual solicitation on the Web
What can be done to prevent a child from being lured into an inappropriate relationship or viewing inappropriate materials online? Signs to look for and tips for parents – utilize NCA as a resource for finding credible sources for local stories.

Tips to keep children safe

A comprehensive list of tips for educating children/caregivers/first responders on how to recognize and avoid abusive situations.

Presenting facts on newly passed legislation

How will/does current legislation tied to child protective services impact local communities and the children and families served?