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Each year during February communities across the U.S. celebrate Black history and pay special attention to the work of racial justice and understanding across cultures. Being inclusive is so important to supporting child victims of abuse and their families.

We want all children who visit a CAC to feel safe and comfortable. And we want all supporting caregivers to know they can trust our teams during a difficult time. From professional trainings to team-building to community assessment studies, CACs are sensitive to cultural differences that may influence a family’s experience. In fact, it’s part of our national Standards for Accredited Children’s Advocacy Centers. “Cultural norms influence our work at the CAC with children and families,” says Marsha Pigga, Executive Director of Children’s Advocacy Center of Northeastern Pennsylvania. “It is important to create an environment in which the child and family can feel welcomed, respected, supported, and valued to fully participate.”

This month, we want to share some of the simple, child-friendly ways CACs create welcoming spaces for kids and their supporting caregivers from diverse backgrounds. These are just a few of the great resources available to help educate and send the message that all are welcome!

Note: PennCAC does not have an affiliate relationship with product manufacturers or vendors and does not earn commission on product links.

I Never Forget a Face, Memory & Matching Game (Ages 3+)
Help younger children learn about different faces and places in this interactive matching game featuring diverse skin tones, features, and dress.

Crayola Colors of The World Markers
We are many colors and many shades! A great addition to any coloring kit, these markers give young artists many options for representing diverse skin tones.

We’re All Different And The Same: Diversity Around The World Coloring Book For Kids
Pair a set of those markers with a globally inclusive coloring book that gives children plenty of opportunities to learn about nationalities and their unique cultures.

Diversity Is Beautiful: A Socially Conscious Coloring Book For Kids: 35 Conversation Starters on Simple Mandala Designs
Unique mandala designs plus thought-provoking quotes or ideas to help start conversations about diversity, racism, inclusion, and self-worth. With patterns that appeal to all ages, this coloring book is great for older youth and even adults, as well!

Harvard Educator – 52 Essential Coping Skills Cards for Teens & Adults
Developed by Harvard researchers, this deck of skills cards is great for older youth and for adults of all ages. It’s a fun and approachable way to talk about negative emotions such as anger, disappointment, jealousy, shame, and low self-esteem. Use as group therapy game, counseling tool, or team-building activity to explore the self and connect with others in a positive way.

Skin Like Mine, by LaTashia M. Perry
From the Creators of Hair Like Mine, this is the second book in the Kids Like Mine series. A fun book for beginner readers as well as all ages, and a great way to affirm children of all skin colors and tones.

Todos Son Beinvenidos Aqui (All Are Welcome Here) Equality Hands 12×16-inch Metal Sign
A welcoming message for Spanish-speaking children, clients, or students of all ages. English translation: “All are welcome here. Your voice is important, respected, and recognized.”

Be Kind Inspirational Canvas Wall Art Featuring Diversity Hands and American Sign Language, 21″L x 15.75″W
A positive message and visually inclusive image make this poster a great way to promote unity and celebrate diversity–at home, work, or school. classroom!

My Family Builders Diversity Building Blocks with Magnets (Ages 1+)
These mix-and-match magnetic blocks let children explore various relational dynamics by constructing multiracial people. With thousands of combinations, the blocks are great tools for talking about racial, cultural, and gender diversity in families and communities.

Playtime by Eimmie Soft Baby Doll
14″ plush rag-doll style toys are diversely cultured and include male-gendered dolls. These are very soft and great for snuggling!

Crocodile Creek – Children of The World – 36 Piece Jigsaw Floor Puzzle with Heavy-Duty Box for Storage
This floor jigsaw puzzle features 18 children from 18 different countries, wearing traditional cultural dress and significant landmarks and animals also associated with the country of origin. Finished puzzle is 20″ X 27″.

Lakeshore Block Play People with Differing Abilities
This play figure set represents people with differing abilities as well as age, ethnicity, and gender diversity. Each figure features realistically detailed adaptive equipment—from leg braces to a hearing aid.

Happy Kids Hand Puppets – Multi Ethnic and Diversity Collection (Set of 8)
Everyone loves puppets! Put on a show for kids or encourage them to pick one to express their own voices using this inclusive set of brightly colored, plush puppets.

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