• Congratulations Mission Kids on Receiving the Governor’s Victim Service Pathfinder Award.

    Mission Kids received the year’s top honor in Pennsylvania’s Victim Service Field at a ceremony on October 4th at the Montgomery County Courthouse.

    For more information about the award, please visit the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency’s website here: PCCD: Mission Kids receives Victim Service Pathfinder Award

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  • Abbie Newman Represents PA Chapter at Press Conference with Senator Bob Casey

    The PA Chapter of CACs and MDITs was proud to be represented at a press conference on Aug. 24, 2018 in Philadelphia focusing on legislation proposed by Senator Bob Casey to strengthen mandated reporting laws across the United States.  Abbie Newman spoke on behalf of the Chapter and Mission Kids CAC, along with the other invited speakers, Dep. Atty. General Jennifer Selber, Donna Cooper of the Public Citizens for Children and Youth, and Master of Ceremony for the event Frank Cervone from the Support Center for Child Advocates in Philadelphia. Thank you Senator Casey for all that you are doing to help all children across the country.

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  • PA Chapter of CACs/MDITs Presents Minimal Facts Interview Training for Cameron, Elk, McKean & Potter Counties

    Cameron, Elk, McKean & Potter Counties MFI Training

    Pictured left to right:  Mikele Bay, PA Chapter of CACs/MDITs Vice President & Trainer; Connie Miller, PA Chapter of CACs/MDITs Program Manager & Trainer; Scott Nelson, Detective, McKean County DA’s Office; Tonia Hartzell, Family Advocate, CAC of McKean County; Mindi Brown, Forensic Interviewer, CAC of McKean County; Andy Watson, District Attorney, Potter County.

    The PA Chapter of CACs/MDITs designed the Minimal Facts Training program to help counties throughout Pennsylvania better understand the importance of having a trained professional conduct the Minimal Facts Interview of a child.

    Minimal Facts Interviews conducted by a trained professional helps:

    • Protect disclosure;
    • Avoid interview duplication;
    • Reduce trauma;
    • Reduce taint;
    • Protect evidence;
    • Ensure Best Practices intervention for alleged child abuse victims.

    If your county is interested scheduling, or learning more about the Minimal Facts Interview Training program please contact Alison Gray, PA Chapter of CACs/MDITs Executive Director at alisongray@penncac.org.

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  • News Release – For Immediate Release

    From:          The Pennsylvania Chapter of Children’s Advocacy Centers and Multidisciplinary Teams
    Date:           August 16, 2018
    Subject:     The Response to Child Abuse

    With the release of the Pennsylvania Grand Jury report concerning the abuse of children in six Pennsylvania Catholic Dioceses on Tuesday, we believe that it is vitally important to provide information to help victims of child abuse and their families. We offer the following information to all victims of child abuse – not just those covered by the Grand Jury Report:

    • If you or someone you know is currently being abused call ChildLine at 1-800-932-0313 to report the abuse.
    • If the child victim of abuse is in immediate danger, call 911 for help.
    • If you are a victim of abuse by a member of the clergy, the Attorney General has established a special hotline: 888-538-8541.
    • If you are a victim of abuse and do not know where to turn for help in dealing with the effects of abuse, contact your local Child Advocacy Center to be directed to the resources in your area.

    Remember, although the current news is focused on abuse perpetrated by members of the clergy, abuse can happen anywhere by anyone. There is no profile or demographic that identifies a potential abuser. We all need to help insure the safety of our children. Some people are mandatory reporters of child abuse but ANYONE can make a report to ChildLine if they know or suspect that a child is being abused.

    The Pennsylvania Chapter of Children’s Advocacy Centers and Multidisciplinary Teams provides technical support to children’s advocacy centers and multidisciplinary teams throughout the state.  The Chapter works diligently with member organizations throughout the Commonwealth to ensure that the cultural changes are in place to bring the secrets of abuse to light.  The Chapter will continue to work with the programs around the state as well as our partner’s to educate communities and organizations on the signs and symptoms of child abuse.

     Please also find below the link to the Grand Jury Report

    The Chapter urges communities to become educated on the topic of child abuse.  Reach out to your local child advocacy center to learn more about resources in your area. To find the Child Advocacy Center near you visit the PA Chapter’s website at www.penncac.org

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  • Support the PA Chapter of CACs & MDTs through Erie Gives on Tuesday, August 8, 2017

    Day and Time: The event takes place on August 8. You have 12 hours to make your donation between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. EST.

    Gift Amount: The minimum gift is $25. There is no limit to the amount of money you may give. There is no limit to the number of organizations you can donate to in a transaction.

    Credit Cards: Only Visa, MasterCard and Discover will be accepted. The credit card processor charges a nominal fee per transaction. The Erie Community Foundation does not receive any fees. Sorry, credit card gift cards will not be accepted.

    How to Give:

    Go to

    Two ways to find us:

    1. Under “Nonprofit Name or Keyword” enter PA Chapter then click “Search”. PA Chapter of Children’s Advocacy Centers and Multidisciplinary Teams will come up as a hyperlink, click this hyperlink.

    2. Under “Category” choose Children and Youth in the drop-down. Then we are listed in alphabetical order under PA Chapter of Children’s Advocacy Centers and Multidisciplinary Teams.

    Prorated Match: The Erie Community Foundation and their sponsors will enhance each donor gift by providing a prorated match to each gift made to our nonprofit.

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