Community Partnerships

Help us help more.

Each year, we support the 40+ CACs across Pennsylvania that help thousands of victims of child abuse find the resources and education they need for their healing to begin. 

This year, we would love to partner with like-minded, like-hearted groups to make that number even greater. To help spread the word in our communities of the signs to look for and what to do if you suspect abuse. To help raise awareness of this devastating public health crisis.

Together we can lead the fight to end child abuse and inspire hope for every child’s best tomorrow. 

Are you part of an organization or association that would make a strong community partner with PennCAC? Do you have a business or other professional connection that might be a powerful fit? If so, please contact our Executive Director, Chris Kirchner, at chriskirchner@penncac.org or (814) 969-6993.

Our Partners

We support local CACs in Pennsylvania.

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