• External Affairs Committee Call 6/25/19:

    On call: Elida Murray, Chris Kirchner, Abbie Newman


    1. Marsy’s Law passed, will be on Nov. ballot for full passage. How should Chapter and Directors best work on education to public to help passage?
    2. HB 315, female genital mutilation: Passed House and Senate, going to Gov. for signature.
    3. Chris having a Legislative Breakfast tomorrow at PCA; she will send the agenda and other pertinent materials for examples to Directors of how to use.
    4. Discussions on general need for education to partners on CSEC crimes; still waiting for DHS to set up a call so we can determine if they have training materials that can be shared.

    Abbie Newman, Chair
    CEO, Mission Kids CAC
    (484) 687-2990 ext. 1017

    Pat Kosinski, Co-Chair
    Executive Director, Delaware County CAC
    (610) 268-9145


    Jo Ellen Bowman
    Executive Director, Kay’s Cottage CAC
    (724) 919-8711

    Lynn Carson
    Manager, UPMC Pinnacle Children’s Resource Center
    (717) 782-6802

    Chris Kirchner
    Executive Director, Philadelphia Children’s Alliance
    (215) 387-9500 ext. 3800

    Elida Murray
    Executive Director, Adams County CAC
    (717) 337-9888

    Curtis Rogers
    Executive Director, CAC of Monroe County
    (570) 982-1902

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