Funding for PA Chapter Members

Greetings Chapter Members: Please find below a list of emerging funding for CACs as of July 22, 2016.

Emerging Funding as of July 22, 2016:

A.  Endowment Act-Child Advocacy Centers
Open: Week of August 7, 2016
Closes: September 16, 2016
Amount Available: Up to $50,000
Who can apply: Accredited/Associate/Accredited Satellite/NCA Affiliate members/Emerging CACS/ Emerging MDITs who are developing a CAC:Grant period January 2017-December 2017

B. 2016 NCA Member Child Advocacy Centers
Opens: 2 to 3 weeks
Closes: October 5, 2016
Amount available: $50,000
Who Can Apply: Accredited/Associate/Accredited Satellite/NCA Affiliate members
Grant period January 2017-December 2017

C. 2016 Child Advocacy Centers and MDIT Development- 2016
Open: 2 to 3 weeks
Closes: October 5, 2016
Amount available: $40,000
Who can apply: Agencies awarded funding 2015 under this category who have not yet achieved NCA membership  Armstrong, Clearfield, Mercer, Warren, Beaver, Fayette, Westmoreland, Lebanon
Grant period: January 2017-December 2017

Once an RFP is released, all questions are directed to PCCD, who will make all answers available in writing.


Additional Grant Information 2016 past, present and future:

VOCA 3 year grant 2016-2019
Opened & Closed : Spring 2016
Amount Available: varied by county
Who could apply: Victim Service orgs including CACs for FI positions,  Victim Advocate positions, victim treatment positions (evidence based)
Grant period: 2016-2019.
Next available VOCA competitive funding round: expected 2019

Endowment Treatment Training
Opens: June 7, 2016
Closes: July 8, 2016
Amount available: Up to $50,000
Who could apply: any organization training CSA professionals
Grant Period: October 1, 2016 to Sept 30, 2017

PA DA Institute – MDIT Development
Open: June 24, 2016
Closes: Aug 12, 2016
Amount available: $14,000
Who Can apply: DA offices -17 white counties
Grant period: September 1, 2016  to September 30, 2017

Endowment Act Programs Assisting Victims
Opens: late Fall
Closes: early Winter
Amount available: $50,000
Who can apply:  organizations serving child sexual abuse victims/survivors
Grant period: April 2017 to March 31, 2018


As more information becomes available we will provide updates.

We strongly encourage all CACs to apply for all opportunities for which you may  qualify.