Meet the new director at The Children’s House CAC

Brittney Eiklor, DCFI, recently joined The Children’s House Child Advocacy Center in Towanda, PA as the center’s new executive director. Brittney is very familiar with the CAC model from her previous work in multiple child advocacy contexts. She has also moved a number of times with her family as a result of U.S. military relocation, so she’s seen the CAC model implemented in multiple states. We asked Brittney just a few questions to hear more about what she brings to the movement in Pennsylvania…

You bring a lot of CAC background. Like what?

I’ve spent the past eight years working at several nonprofit children’s advocacy centers in Pennsylvania, New York, North Carolina, Texas, and Virginia. In this, I have been involved in family advocacy, forensic interviewing, community outreach, and program management. Additionally, I also work as a contractor for Midwest Regional Children’s Advocacy Center as a forensic interview peer review moderator.

You’ve moved a lot as a result of your spouse’s military service. Does that bring any unique perspective to your role at the CAC?

Being able to work in centers across the country has allowed me to see how pervasive the problem of child maltreatment is. It’s awe-inspiring to see so many like-minded organizations, including federal agencies such as the Department of Defense, working as a cohesive unit within the multidisciplinary team to provide child victims healing services and community resources that aid in prevention.

As a new director, what are you most excited about?

I am looking forward to working with the CAC’s dedicated staff, board of directors, and multidisciplinary investigative team. However, I am most excited to continue growing our community relationships and partnerships so that people are not only aware of The Children’s House, but Children’s Advocacy Centers as a whole and the critical services that they provide children in their respective communities. The more we are able to break the stigma in talking about child maltreatment; the more we can all work together to end the cycle.

Any fun fact about yourself?

In my free time I enjoy going on adventures and being outdoors. My favorite hobby in the winter is going downhill skiing…I used to be a ski instructor and lift attendant.

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