Meet the new director at the CAC of Centre County, Mount Nittany Health

Kimberly Saltsman recently became the new Executive Director at Children’s Advocacy Center of Centre County, a program of Mount Nittany Health.

You’ve been involved with the CAC for a while, is that right?
Yes, I have been working at the Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) of Centre County, Mount Nittany Health, since May of 2014. Before coming to this CAC, I worked in community mental health as a therapist. Through that work, I interacted with individuals who were abused and saw that, unfortunately, they did not have the best experiences with their disclosure and the justice system. As a result, I became interested in working with children who were victims of abuse in a CAC setting. Many of the children I worked with were struggling to process their abuse and heal, because their cases were not handled in their best interest, due to a lack of resources in that particular community. I saw the vital importance of having a strong CAC in the community. I was alerted to an opening at this CAC for a Forensic Interviewer—I applied quickly, and fortunately I got the job. That is how my CAC journey started, and I have been passionate about this work ever since. When the Executive Director position opened up, I felt it was time to transition into that role and carry on my passion for CACs while making an impact in a different but perhaps greater way.
Who/What serves as inspiration for your work helping child victims and their families?

I have always enjoyed being a safe person for children to confide in when they are ready to talk about their experiences. I provide a listening ear without judgment, and then continue to support the children and their families throughout their healing process.  I am excited about my new role, which will empower other members of our CAC team to do the same important work, and continue to follow through on our CAC mission to help and support the children and families in our community.

What’s unique or what’s your favorite thing about Centre County?

We are very fortunate because Centre County is a compassionate and caring community that offers a wide range of resources to the children and families we serve.  It’s wonderful to be able to supplement our services with additional resources that are outside our center. Together we are able to provide the best support for the children and families who come to us. This isn’t the case everywhere, and it is a very special thing about Centre County.

Is there a new initiative or project on the horizon at your CAC? Can you tell us what you’re most excited about in the new role?

I am most excited about welcoming two new members to our CAC team and helping empower them to succeed in their roles as a Forensic Interviewer and a CAC Family Advocate/Forensic Interviewer. I cannot wait to see how much stronger our team becomes with these two additional individuals. I am excited for our center to grow to better support the children and families we serve. As the Executive Director, I truly look forward to supporting our team as we continue to serve our community.

Any fun facts about you that we can share?

I can remember the details of almost every case that has come through the CAC since I started here ten years ago. I am known for my very unique memory!

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