Terri Hess

Finance and Human Resource Manager

As the Finance and Human Resource Manager, Terri is responsible for our day-to-day accounting and cash management, grant budget management, Chapter budget management, Human Resources, and the Chapter Membership Database.

She also works closely with our technology vendor to create and implement improvements. And she is responsible for the analysis of data, both internal and external, used to strengthen the P.A. Chapter.  

We like to say that she is the backbone of PennCAC because she does the nitty-gritty day-to-day work to help us keep moving forward. 

Before Terri came to PennCAC, she spent most of her career as an accountant for PNC Bank both in Erie, PA and Pittsburgh, PA. Most recently, she was an accountant at Cathedral Prep and Villa Maria Academy, where she also managed their alumni databases. 

Terri attended Gannon University, where she majored in Accounting. 

A Conversation with Terri

What led you to this work? 

Math and science were my favorite subjects in school but didn’t want to teach, so I studied accounting and fell in love with it. 

What emoji describes how you feel when you have a balanced budget? 

That girl with the pom-poms going rah-rah. Or the big toothy-grin smiley face. 

What is the most rewarding thing about your work? 

Before I came to PennCAC, my accounting work for big companies was mostly a means to an end. Here there’s a more important purpose to my job—I’m inspired when I see what new and innovative programs we put together for our budgets. I like that I can help the staff do their jobs better, which in turn helps all the CACs do their work better. 

What’s your favorite quote—one that inspires you to keep doing what you do?

When I get overwhelmed, I think of my first-generation Italian-American mother, who always said that God never gives you more than you can handle.

Anything else that makes you, you? Do you have a personal dream?

I would like to travel to Italy, which my grandparents always called “the old country.” And I love to golf. I’ve also done musical theatre. My motto is that I will try anything once. Liver is the exception.

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