If you believe every child victim of sexual abuse in our state deserves to be safe, get help, and have the chance to heal, sign & share this petition now.

Dear State Leader,

1 in 10 children are sexually abused before their 18th birthday. 42 million adults living in the US today are survivors of child sexual abuse. 60% of victims never tell as children because they don’t feel safe or supported.*

Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) were created to help make healing possible for child victims. It takes a lot of courage for a child to disclose abuse. CACs provide a safe place where children can talk about what happened, and get the support they need to be safe and heal after trauma. CACs make it possible for child victims to not just survive, but to thrive. To truly shine-now and in the future. 

But not every child who experiences sexual abuse in our state can get the support of a CAC when they need one. 

With your leadership, we can build a stronger movement to help all child victims SHINE in Pennsylvania. 

[*] Darkness To Light review of research on child abuse prevalence and disclosure is accessible online at Child Sexual Abuse Statistics – Darkness to Light (d2l.org). The full PDF summary may be downloaded here.

Sign now if you believe that every child victim deserves the chance to shine!

I believe that Children’s Advocacy Centers are fundamental to the safety and healing of children who’ve experienced abuse, and I want state leaders to commit to ensuring that every child victim in Pennsylvania has access.

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Help us send the message that Children's Advocacy Centers are the best response we can provide for child victims of sexual abuse.

This is a campaign for COURAGE.

It takes COURAGE to survive child sexual abuse. It takes COURAGE for kids to talk about abuse so they can get help. It takes COURAGE for adult survivors to find support and share their stories, too.

And it takes COURAGE for all of us to bring child sexual abuse out of the shadows and stand up for victims and survivors.

It takes courage to SHINE.

Share this video and ask your friends to join our campaign and support Children’s Advocacy Centers.

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CACs make it safer to shine

When a child finds the courage to disclose abuse, we make sure that happens in the best way possible.

A safe, child-friendly place, with people they can trust, helps kids feel comfortable enough to talk about what happened.

Everyone who needs to be involved in an investigation can work together to reduce trauma to the child.

A child is interviewed one time by someone trained to talk to kids about abuse. The rest of the team watches from another room.

CACs also provide age-appropriate medical exams to ensure health and safety, and connect kids and caregivers to trauma therapy.

All of the support that a CAC provides can mean the difference between ongoing trauma and the start of a healing journey.

Support For Survivors

Nobody is alone in the struggle to overcome the trauma of sexual abuse. If you're a survivor, we've created a resource page just for you. The healing journey never ends, but it has to start somewhere. See our list of survivor-led and survivor-focused organizations that are available to provide information, peer support, and referrals.

Thank You

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Yes, I want every child victim in Pennsylvania to have access to a Children's Advocacy Center.

Your email is safe with us! We'll keep you updated with SHINE outreach and PennCAC news, but we never sell or share your contact info.