It's time to SHINE, Pennsylvania.

Too often, survivors of child sexual abuse live with stigma, carrying a burden of shame about something that was not their fault. Led by National Children's Alliance, SHINE is a nation-wide campaign to inspire hope for survivors, to let them know that healing is possible. Here in the Keystone State, we can help end the stigma and the shame of child sexual abuse. Whether you're a survivor or a supporter, together we can SHINE. Will you join us?

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Child abuse is a real issue - across the nation and right here in Pennsylvania. It’s time to bring it out of the shadows.

One in ten children has been sexually abused before their 18th birthday. That means one in ten adults is a survivor. It could be one of your friends, or a neighbor. It could be someone you know from your faith community, or sit next to in school meetings or on the bus. It could be you.

Sexual abuse usually happens in secret. For so many, the pain and shame of childhood abuse is then carried into adulthood, hidden inside.

But things often change when the unspoken is finally spoken. When the truth comes out. When stories are shared.

That’s what SHINE is all about. It’s a campaign to transform the conversation about child abuse. To bring the truth out of hiding.

It’s a nationwide movement to help survivors know they’re not alone. We do this by coming together as communities to hear stories of trauma become stories of triumph, and to affirm our fight against child abuse.

It’s an opportunity for all of us to be a light in our schools, our homes, our places of worship. To be someone that survivors can turn to. To let them know that abuse doesn’t get the last word. 

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Telling your story can be a powerful step toward healing. For you, and for others.

When we celebrate how survivors thrive despite an experience of abuse, we help reduce the stigma and shame they may feel. We also let other survivors know they are not alone, that they can step out of the shadows, too. 

As an adult survivor, how are you living life to the fullest? What has been the most important part of your healing journey? How can you SHINE in your community to stop abuse and help others heal?

Telling your story is just one way you can SHINE as a survivor of child sexual abuse (and it doesn’t have to be public). Here are some resources for all survivors, no matter where you are on your healing journey:

  • Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape provides resources to victims of sexual violence, including information about statue of limitations policy and reform in the Commonwealth. View PCAR’s recent virtual town hall events focused on current Statue of Limitations policy and reform in the Commonwealth, available in English and Spanish.
  • Started by a Pennsylvania survivor, Ask A Sex Abuse Survivor is a nonprofit organization with an online community of 15,000 followers world-wide and a private Facebook group.
  • Say It, Survivor is a nonprofit organization started by two cousins who share a history of abuse. With an emphasis on the power of story-telling, SIS hosts an online survivor gallery, offers survivor writing workshops, and provides education to family members on how to support a loved one who has come forward with their story.
  • Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) and A Voice For The Innocent are two national nonprofit organizations providing resources to survivors of sexual violence.
  • Connect with a local Children’s Advocacy Center for help identifying victim services and trauma-informed therapy resources in your area.

Tell Your Story

By submitting this form, I certify that I am over 18 years of age, have read the SHINE story-sharing guidelines, and agree to hold Children’s Advocacy Centers of Pennsylvania and the National Children’s Alliance harmless from any outcome of my story and/or photo being shared. I understand that not all submissions may be shared.

Take a stand against child sexual abuse and let survivors know that they aren't alone.

Let us know by adding your name to our virtual SHINE Wall of Support. It’s just one way to show that you care—here are some others:

  • Listen and ask “how can I support you?” rather than give advice.
  • Be a voice in your family, school, and community that is not afraid to talk about the hard reality of abuse.
  • Find ways to support Children’s Advocacy Centers and other victim service organizations that work to end abuse and help survivors heal.
  • Educate myself on the signs of abuse and report any concerns to ChildLine at 1-800-932-0313 if I suspect a child is at risk.
  • Follow PennCAC on Facebook and Instagram for SHINE stories, campaign updates, and opportunities to support Children’s Advocacy Centers.

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Wall of Support

Nobody is alone in this. See the list of those who have taken a stand against child sexual abuse and are committed to being a light for survivors to turn to.

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Take a Walk to Take a Stand.

Be part of our virtual and remote 1-mile walk this September. It’s easy! We’re getting out into our communities to raise funds to directly benefit local Children’s Advocacy Centers. Join a team or start a team, and share your walk page. Ask your friends and family to donate to support the work of CACs that help survivors SHINE despite the trauma of abuse.

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